January 09, 2012

Field Researchers’ Capacity Building Workshop for IGMSY Study, New Delhi .

A Field Researchers’ Capacity Building Workshop for IGMSY Study was held in New Delhi from 15-19 November 2011.The objectives of the workshop were:
•To understand the objectives, research design and research tools of the IGMSY Study
•To build skills in conducting and recording qualitative methods of data collection
•To prepare a common protocol and time-line for completion of the research tasks
In the workshop, field researchers from Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh participated. The workshop was facilitated by SAHAYOG.
 On 15th Nov, A discussion was held regarding IGMSY scheme and modalities of its implementation in the four states
 On 16th Nov, the researchers were instructed on the technique of conducting in-depth interviews.
 On 17th Nov, Researchers were familiarized with the study tools through mock interview sessions
 On 18th Nov, Field practice was conducted (within Delhi) to develop skills in interviewing low-income rural women respondents
 The workshop culminated on the 19th Nov with a feedback session of the field practice