July 28, 2014

Maternal Near Miss meeting in Aurangabad

Maternal Near Miss meeting in Aurangabad (3rd – 5th July)

    The Expert group meeting for " Drafting technical and operational guidelines for some maternal health issues such a Routine USG in pregnancy, Screening for Hepatitis and Syphilis in pregnancy, Maternal near miss and Cesarean section by surgeon" took place  on 3rd  to 5th July 2014  at Aurangabad. This meeting was organized by the Government of India and Maharashtra government and funded by UNFPA. The Government Of India invited NAMHHR to attend the expert meeting and Dr.Archana Kahrayal, Research Officer  from SAHAYOG  attended the meeting and shared her experience with other participants. 
      The 1st Expert Group meeting took place in the month of May (4th to 5th) 2014 at Nagpur for framing the guidelines for "Routine Ultrasonography  during pregnancy, screening for syphilis & Hepatitis B, preparing curriculum for Surgeons for conducting C –sections and Maternal Near Miss" with the help of experts in these fields which includes doctors and people from international organizations like UNICEF and UNFPA. 
     There, the experts from various fields related to health  had in depth discussions on maternal near miss cases , In that they discussed the  Facility based Maternal Near- Miss tool of Government of India, including criteria for maternal near miss cases. As a positive feedback they changed a few gaps in the tool.  The tool also includes gap analysis section in which apart from social gaps they have facility gaps also. This was also decided that now there will be Maternal Near- Miss committee combine with the MDR committee in all states according to the MDR Guidelines. 
In This meeting senior persons from Avni foundation also displayed maternal death tracking software which will be used in the future by government for tracking maternal death.