January 09, 2015

Camp Of Wrongs!! - Bilaspur Fact Finding Report

We all are shocked with the death of 13 women in a sterilisation camp of Bilaspur happened in this November. There has been no disclosure of the exact reason for the deaths even more than a month after the incident, and bereaved families have not been provided with any medical records, death certificates or even sterilisation certificates until now. 

As a National Alliance for Maternal Health and Human Rights (NAMHHR) have done a fact finding on Bilaspur deaths which is named "Camp Of Wrongs" immediately after this issue in collaboration with Sama Resource Group for Women and Health and Jan Swasthya Abhiyan. During the visit, the team was able to meet with the family members of the deceased women as well as those undergoing treatment. Interactions were carried out with healthcare providers and government officials as well as Meetings held with local organizations. Please Read the Report here: Camp of Wrongs!!!