January 06, 2013

National Convention on Union Budget 2013-14

A National Convention on Union Budget 2013-14 was organised by People’s Budget Initiative, (whose Secretariat is with CBGA) on December 5 and 6, 2012 in New Delhi.

People’s Budget Initiative (PBI) is a coalition of civil society organisations from across the country which works towards seeking space for people’s voices in the budget making process in India. PBI has been organising National Conventions on Union Budget every year since 2006, in which representatives of civil society organisations from across the country articulate their expectations from the forthcoming Union Budget. Since last year, this effort has been strengthened with the additional process of Regional Conventions on the Union Budget across five regions in the country, i.e. north and central, south, east, west and north east.

The expectations and demands shared in these Conventions are subsequently presented as a Charter of Demands which is shared with the Union Ministry of Finance,Union Ministries that deal with social sectors and disadvantaged sections of population and a number of other key stakeholders. NAMHHR drafted recommendations for the health section drawn from the NAMHHR study findings of the IGMSY scheme.

Ms. Aditi Sood attended the convention on behalf of NAMHHR.

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