June 12, 2013

National Conference on Women’s Social Security & Protection in India

A national conference was organized by PWESCR, in collaboration with UN-women, Heinrich Böll Foundation, ILO and UNSW on 6th& 7th May 2013 aimed at enriching the existing debates on the Right to Social Security by analyzing the issue with a gender lens.

 The Conference brought together people from diverse backgrounds, sectors and regions in order to identify multiple threads that underlie the women and social security issues. Over 170 participants from over 16 States including social activists, academic intelligentsia, ground workers, bureaucrats, trade unions, NGO’s, iNGOs and political leaders from various sectors congregated for the Conference to share and exchange their rich experience and knowledge on various aspects of social security issues in India.

The two daylong workshop helped in building conceptual understanding on the gender dimensions of Social Security, Social Security Schemes from a woman’s perspective and develop strategies to advocate for improved Social Security and protection for women based on human rights framework.

This Conference was a first step in efforts to ensure that women’s voices are heard and that their realities are taken into account while addressing challenges in matters of social security and protection in India. NAMHHR members Ms. Sashiprava Bindhani, Adv Kamayani Bali Mahabal, Ms.YK Sandhya participated in the consultation and shared NAMHHR policy brief on maternity benefits.

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