December 29, 2013

Roundtable discussion on the question of CARE

A brainstorming meeting was organized on 23rd of December to share the latest efforts which the various child rights and women’s rights groups have been independently or collectively undertaking as part of their work. The meeting brought together the Alliance on ECCD, NAMHHR, SAHAYOG, CHSJ, and other women’s rights, child rights and health rights groups and campaigns .The focus of the meeting was to identify common mandates and possible advocacy agenda, particularly in the context of ‘care’.  It was decided that this group would work jointly on the issue under the umbrella of ‘women’s unpaid work’, of which care work constitutes a big chunk. A concept note will be developed on this group’s framework for understanding women’s unpaid work, including a brief review of select national laws/policies/schemes.  Another,  round table meeting will be organised tentatively on 12th of February for discussions around the concept note.

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