September 03, 2015

ANM Convention: Reclaiming our skills,redefining our scope

""ANM is an important link in the public health system. She is the first stair in the staircase of the whole public health system" said Satyendar Jain, Honourable Health Minister, Delhi Government on 10th July on the occasion of the ANM Convention held in Talkatora stadium in New Delhi from the 10-12th July 2015. The first of its kind, this convention was attended by the 1500 ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse- Midwives) from different parts of the country to discuss their role and career in public health.

The Convention was organized by ANSWERS (Academy for Nursing Studies and Women’s Empowerment Research Studies),  in collaboration with Society of Midwives of India (SOMI), National Alliance for Maternal Health and Human Rights (NAMHHR) and Human Rights Law Network (HRLN). ANSWERS is a NAMHHR member also.
The Convention re-iterated the important role played by ANMs who are front-line public health personnel catering to the needs of the most vulnerable groups in rural, tribal and remote areas.  They are the single largest health care personnel in the public health system and over the last seven decades ANMs have worked to enhance public awareness about health and nutrition and played a vital role in implementing family planning and immunization programmes.

However the career of ANMs has not moved forward over the last 50 years and with the passage of time their growth opportunities have further shrunken.  Today, ANMs do not have an independent identity, management cadre or policy access to promote their career.  Hence the goal of the National Convention was to raise the ANMs’ awareness about their role in peripheral primary health care, strengthen their collective voice and enhance their professional accountability.

NAMHHR played a key role in organizing the ANM Convention and was particularly active with the media advocacy.  NAMHHR organized a press meet on 11th of June 2015 in the Press Club, Delhi which was attended by 21 media persons resulting in coverage in 3 local language newspapers. 

Please see a movie on the convention (Photographs) Here

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