February 17, 2015

No updated info on Maternal Health cases ???? Here it is!!!

Many of us are facing difficulties to know the status of the various petitions  related to the  maternal health and health rights which has been  is filed in different courts in all over India. The solution is here; Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) and Lawyers Collective have created databases which will provide you updated informations about these cases. 

1. Claiming Dignity: Reproductive Rights & the Law 2nd Edition which includes most of the important decisions on maternal health. The publication is free online: http://www.hrln.org/hrln/reproductive-rights/laws-in-place/1467.html. This will have an updated version out in 2016. 

2.  Lawyers Collective has an online database of health rights cases, which includes many important maternal health decisions: http://www.globalhealthrights.org

We hope these links will be helpful for you get relevant updates on the cases and petitions.

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